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Digging Up Positivity January'23 : Biogodz, VR chat, furry conventions, charities & more

61 Views· 01/28/23
Thabo Meerkat
Thabo Meerkat
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This months featurette: BioGodz

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*Main links from the articles:*

00:00 Welcome

00:26 Furnal Equinox Charity Results (DM)

00:54 Painted Desert Charity Results

01:10 Furvester Charity Results (DM)

01:25 Flappy New Year Charity Results

01:46 New Year Furball Charity Results

02:09 Christchurch Christmas Snow Parade

02:23 Star’s Computer Charity Results

02:40 Anthro Northwest Charity Results

02:58 FNNY Charity Results

03:17 Aoi The Dutch Angel Dragon Charity Results

03:30 Further Confusion Charity Results

03:47 Facts about the furry fandom

04:21 The Good Furry Award

05:00 Ursa Major Awards

05:16 Talon

05:50 Lackadaisy

06:25 Featurette: BioGodz1

19:03 Thank you

*Further Video’s / sources used:*

Furnal Equinox 2022

Fursuit Parade at PDFC

Furvester 4: The Spacecat Secret

Kitwana Meets Chuck-E-Cheese

Anthro Northwest 2023

IrishFurries @ Twitter

Further Confusion

I won the Good Furry Award

For Science

Ursa Major Awards 2022

BLFC 2017 (BioGodz1)

VRChat Furry Fun Ep.7 (BioGodz1)

How to make VRChat TikTok Videos

G4 - Attack of the show: Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011 (SkroyWolfy)

Al The Wolf & The Fur Group goes Bowling (BioGodz)

What’s going on with Biogodz (Biogodz)

Furries Go to Taco Bell (BioGodz)

Wolfy’s Camera Ep1 (BioGodz)

VR Chat Furry Fun Pt9 (BioGodz)

I went to a Furry Convention in Virtual Reality! Furality 2000

VirtualFurence Openinings Trailer

VirtualFurence Dance Competition (Keks the furry)

Dimensional Cyberwarz (BioGodz)


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