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Furcons & Meetups

Easter in s'Gravenzande
Thabo Meerkat
6 Views · 3 months ago

During Easter 2022 we were invited by Winkelcentrum s'-Gravenzande to deliver easter-eggs and smiles!

#Furry #FurryFandom #Fursuit

SeiRruf Wilde
25 Views · 8 months ago

This was filmed at BLFC 2021, October 24th. Things were going HARD! BLFC continues to remain one of the best conventions to attend. Will I see you there some day?

Digging Up Positivity: Februari'20
Thabo Meerkat
35 Views · 1 year ago

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This months featurette:

Cardboard + dakimakura Faolan & Chorpion

C. Faolan enters the Arena

Chorpion, owner of the Faolan dakimakura

Main links from the articles:

Dixie’s list of Furry Charities:

Fursquared Conbook cover raised 1500 dollars

Help Them Help Us; In dedication to Papa Barks

Eurofurence announces their charity

Volunteers are happier (Dutch)

A fursuit with a superpower

These birds retweet alarm calls, but are careful about spreading rumours

How Klaus was rendered

Sonic Co Creator vows to do better:

Talking the Sonic and Knuckles Comics with Ken Penders

Items mentioned in the ticker:


Dutch Furry Events (telegram)

Mini Moon the size of a car discovered

New species of Australian lion discovered that lived 23 million years ago in Australia

Koala refuses to leave car with airco

Can dogs get the corona virus? Experts say not to worry

Further Video’s used:

AnthroExpo 2020: Retro Renegades:

Fangcon 2020 Dance competition: Bagel

Fur Squared 2020 Fursuit Parade

Let the music never stop!

Anthro New England ‘Hold On’

Help Them Help Us

Cheetah Preservation Foundation NPC

Help Them Help Us: In Dedication To Papa Barks

Kitwana’s Fursuiting Joy

8 Black-capped Chicadee Calls Explained

Red-Breasted Nuthatch fun

A Farewell to the Sonic Comic

EF25 Paws on Fire [D] Rei vs. Faolan


Thabo Meerkat

News Team:
Thabo Meerkat

Dixie Lioness

Score Chaser

Taross Blackburn
Tekno Catron

Music Used:
Introduction music by Ross Bugden

#Furry #Wholesome #Inspirational

show us the goods
47 Views · 1 year ago

one of the fursuiters at ⁣southernpaws 2021

Top 40 Generous Furry Conventions
Thabo Meerkat
76 Views · 1 year ago

Top 40 Most Generous Furry Conventions

All data used in this video is based upon convention twitter accounts, their respective homepages, statements by their staff and wikifur.

This video is dedicated to Takaza

Data analysis by DixieLioness

Music by FoxAmoore

Video sources:
Lilfurbal (Alamo City Furry Invasion 2017)
Brasil Furfest
Kiba’s Furpocalypse Video
Tales’ Vancouver 2017 Con video
Kwitana Lion (Anthro Northwest)
Zeyran (Furnion)
Philly Phox (AC)
Shep Shapeshifter
Conor M (Fur Eh)
Dream Chaser’s Adventures (Fangon)
Jei Cheetah (Further Confusion)
Barton Fox (Biggest Little Furcon
Enrel Inari (Arizona Furcon)
Philly Phox (Furrydephia)
Kiba (Furnal Equinox)
PolarTheLionStudio (Infurnity)
Togi Tegan (TinyPaws)
Apari Dog (Texas Furry Fiesta)
Blaze Collie (JMoF
SparkyFox ( MCFC)
That green fur (FA United)
Kory Leo (Pacitic Anthro Weekend)
Exclipzai (FurXoticon)
Vix Ndawnq (Anthrohio)
Majira Peppermit (Aquatifur )
Lazuli Slendiferous
Philly Phox (Fur The More)
Hozzie Hozzbourne (NFC )
Greenfox Productions (Conference)
Barton Fox (Anthro New England)
Ren Drummond (FursonaCon 2017)
Its a Furry Thing (Indy Furcon)
Kendra Girl (ScotiaCon)
John Bandow (Fur Squared)
Those Darn Furries (Fur Reality)
Bear Paw (Confuzzled)
Bedtime Bear
Little Kitty 03 (Fur Out West)
Kero The Wolf (Westen PA Furry Weekend
KeksTheFurry (Intro background & Eurofurence)

I am affiliated with the Eurofurence charity team and have close ties with people from Confuzzled and MCFC. DixieLioness has close ties to numerous conventions and is one of the forces behind Foxes And Peppers

Who raised the most for charity? Top 10 Furry Conventions
Thabo Meerkat
49 Views · 1 year ago

One of the things that really stands out in the Furry Fandom is the sheer amount of charity work done both in and outside of conventions. Here is the top 10 furry conventions who managed to raise the most in 2016.

This top 10 is based upon various charity numbers presented by the website wikifur and the conventions' homepages.

Please keep in mind due to the transformative nature of a wiki site and the dollar/pound/euro exchange, values might differ.

A full list with links of videos used can be found in the last minute of the youtube video.

Many thanks to my friends, my patreon supporters and the people who make this channel a fun humble little place between the tubes.

Video sources:


Silver Pearce


A thing from space

Its a furry thing

Barton Fox



Furry Weekend Atlanta

Will Bill Texas

Furcon TV


Apari Dog

DTV Entertainment


Sketchbooks at conventions
Thabo Meerkat
65 Views · 1 year ago

On most, but not limited to, furry conventions you'll find the artist lounge or alley. A lot of people are drawing, exchanging sketches and whatnot. Here are some tips for sketchbooks at conventions!