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Digging Up Positivity September'22 : Benji, charities, art and more

46 Views· 11/09/22
Thabo Meerkat
Thabo Meerkat
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This months featurette: Benji

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-=+Main links from the articles:+=-

00:00 The funny

00:04 Intro

00:12 Welcome

01:03 Argentinia FurFiesta Charity Results

01:31 AnthroExpo: Back to School Charity Results

01:47 Denfur Charity Results

02:16 Eurofurence Charity Results

02:45 Furrydelphia Charity Results

03:05 Mephit FurMeet Charity Results
Twitter DM

03:24 Tails and Tornadoes Charity Results

03:54 Fursona Con Charity Results

04:21 Out Of The Darkness

04:47 Benji’s Emergency Dental Fund

05:27 BatCat Fundraiser

05:59 Splinter

06:34 Ooievaarsrun

07:15 Villain: Bad Guys animation

08:09 Featurette: Benji

16:28 Thank you

-=+Further Video’s / sources used:+=-

Anthro Expo Twitch Stream

Kite - Windswept Wanderings - Best of Fursuits: Denfur 2022 Part 1

Keenora Fluffball - Eurofurence 26 Part 1

KingCollie - Furrydelphia 2022

Vulpis Balloonis

Tiger Haven Rescues and cares for over 200 exotic cats

Kite - Windswept Wanderings - Best of Fursuits: Tails and Tornadoes 2022

Melissa A - FursonaCon 2022 Fursuit Parade

Beeton - Trash Can Tidbits Intro

Benji the Beagle - I was nominated for the good furry awards

Benji The Beagle - Furs4Hope charity stream

GhostieGooBat - Give us a sign 0.0

FamousResilientMonitorPeoplesChamp - First Big Ghost Watcher Scar

GhostieGooBat - I thought you said frights!

Silver Pierce


The Bad Guys Trailer

Benji interviews Shadow and Theodore

Into the furry verse part 4

Ylvis - What does the fox say

Kiba’s MFF 2018 con video

Stormi Folf - Where have I been?

Guide to Pyramids of Egypt


Thabo Meerkat

Score Chaser

*Additional help and resources:
Johnsky S C.S.

Flacko Weasel

Tani The Lynx


Music Used:
Introduction music by Ross Bugden

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