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Top 40 Generous Furry Conventions

119 Views· 03/04/21
Thabo Meerkat
Thabo Meerkat
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Top 40 Most Generous Furry Conventions

All data used in this video is based upon convention twitter accounts, their respective homepages, statements by their staff and wikifur.

This video is dedicated to Takaza

Data analysis by DixieLioness

Music by FoxAmoore

Video sources:
Lilfurbal (Alamo City Furry Invasion 2017)
Brasil Furfest
Kiba’s Furpocalypse Video
Tales’ Vancouver 2017 Con video
Kwitana Lion (Anthro Northwest)
Zeyran (Furnion)
Philly Phox (AC)
Shep Shapeshifter
Conor M (Fur Eh)
Dream Chaser’s Adventures (Fangon)
Jei Cheetah (Further Confusion)
Barton Fox (Biggest Little Furcon
Enrel Inari (Arizona Furcon)
Philly Phox (Furrydephia)
Kiba (Furnal Equinox)
PolarTheLionStudio (Infurnity)
Togi Tegan (TinyPaws)
Apari Dog (Texas Furry Fiesta)
Blaze Collie (JMoF
SparkyFox ( MCFC)
That green fur (FA United)
Kory Leo (Pacitic Anthro Weekend)
Exclipzai (FurXoticon)
Vix Ndawnq (Anthrohio)
Majira Peppermit (Aquatifur )
Lazuli Slendiferous
Philly Phox (Fur The More)
Hozzie Hozzbourne (NFC )
Greenfox Productions (Conference)
Barton Fox (Anthro New England)
Ren Drummond (FursonaCon 2017)
Its a Furry Thing (Indy Furcon)
Kendra Girl (ScotiaCon)
John Bandow (Fur Squared)
Those Darn Furries (Fur Reality)
Bear Paw (Confuzzled)
Bedtime Bear
Little Kitty 03 (Fur Out West)
Kero The Wolf (Westen PA Furry Weekend
KeksTheFurry (Intro background & Eurofurence)

I am affiliated with the Eurofurence charity team and have close ties with people from Confuzzled and MCFC. DixieLioness has close ties to numerous conventions and is one of the forces behind Foxes And Peppers

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